Don’t Ask Us to Be Cheap

Posted by on Feb 23, 2017 in Blog

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We had a new enquiry last week…

“We have an event coming up in June and we’ve been given your name by ‘xxxxx’ who said you’re excellent. We had a few problems last year so we’re changing supplier.”

“That’s great to hear, thank you. We’d be happy help!”

After a long conversation about their AV requirements and some additional things we suggested they should consider, their response was ‘that’s really helpful, now what discount can you offer?’

Err, you had problems last year, we can solve your problems, yet we have to discount our ‘excellent’ services to you?! Goodbye.

The prices we quote all our clients are fair and justified. However, no matter how good your industry reputation and value proposition is, there will always be someone looking for a deal!

Yes we understand that we have to be competitive, and yes we’re happy to discuss/deliver more cost effective solutions for your event, but don’t just ask us to be cheap (like the cheap company you’ve just used who were rubbish).

There are a number of reasons a company may ask you for a discount, in our world, this is usually down to our prices being compared to a competitor’s. If you don’t agree to some sort of discount, yes, you risk losing out on the opportunity to work with a new client. But you have to ask yourself, why is this competitor considerably cheaper than us? Simple answer… You pay for what you get.

We proudly believe in the worth of the value and quality of service we offer to our clients. It reflects who we are and what we do as a business. The feedback we receive from our clients and why they continue to return to us year after year is only proof of this.


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