Don’t Forget Your Dongle!

Posted by on Jul 19, 2017 in Blog

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If you are a presenter at an event and you want to use your own laptop, that’s fine. Any good AV team will make sure there’s a HDMI/VGA cable ready for you. However, please DO NOT expect the AV guys to have a specific display adaptor for YOUR laptop.

If we carried every available adapter/dongle, for every laptop/device, multiplied by our 3 or 4 AV crews delivering events on one day, the cost to us would be astonishing! For example, there are up to 10 different adaptors just for an Apple Mac-! With Mac adaptors ranging in price from £30 to a staggering £70(!), you can do the maths!

We’re there to help you but we’re not there to babysit you. You wouldn’t stay in a hotel and expect them to provide you with a toothbrush. So, don’t forget your toothbrush and DON’T FORGET YOUR DONGLE!

Rant over 🙂

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