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Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in Blog

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As our event diary is already stacking up nicely for the year, we have been thinking about some dates you may want to avoid for your 2018 event….

It’s important you plan your conference for the right date as there are days that you simply shouldn’t run events on. OK granted, holding an event on one of these dates wouldn’t be a complete disaster, but it would certainly affect the overall success of your event.

Previous experience tells us that no matter what you put in place during an event to ensure your guests can watch a football match for example, they will inevitably find their way to the bar. You will lose a large percentage of your audience for two hours. Imagine if you planned your awards evening on the same day as a huge sporting event. You’re almost certainly going to be competing for the attention of your audience!

Our best advice is to avoid these 2018 events if possible:

Football World Cup –
Tunisia v England – 18th June
England v Panama – 24th June
England v Belgium – 28th June

Then there’s the ¼ & semi finals, then England in the WORLD CUP FINAL!… (maybe)

British Grand Prix – 8th July

Wimbledon Women’s Final Day – 14th July

Wimbledon Men’s Final Day – 15th July


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