• Client: Accounts Payable (AP) Association
  • Event: Virtual Conference
  • Online Platform: Reattendance
  • Audience numbers: 500+
  • Event Date/Timings: October 2020, 10:30 to 16:30


Following their inaugural live event held in May 2019, AP Association decided to bring their 2020 event online. The event gave attendees an insight from a variety of experts in Accounts Payable and collaborative industries.

Studio Set Up:

Our stage set was complete with an 8m raised stage, a 10m wide backdrop with logo projection, and full AV & technical support.

During the lunch break we changed the set from the conference setting into a glitzy awards stage. The post-lunch awards ceremony gave us an opportunity to play some snazzy music and use our intelligent lighting system. Then, once the awards were over, during a 10-minute pre-recorded presentation, we quickly changed the stage set back to a panel session consisting of a lectern and stools.


Throughout the day there was a lively mix of remote presenters via Zoom, pre-recorded presenters, and presenters live in our studio. Key presenters spoke about industry specifics while Tom Wright THE MOST AMAZING(!) magician did some mind-blowing tricks on the stage. The UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker Brad Burton gave a three-part presentation throughout the day on how to stay motivated during these challenging times.

Technical Set Up:

A LIVE mix of cameras, PowerPoint presentations, remote/pre-recorded presenters all streamed live into the Reattendance online event platform.

‘Amazing set up, great team, we enjoyed the day immensely!’

AP Association Team

We hope that gives you some inspiration for your next virtual event. Keep presentations short, entertain your audience, and allow for breaks. For more information read our previous blog 9 Top Tips When Running a Virtual Event.