Top 10 Music Stings by a Female Artist

Posted by on Mar 8, 2023 in Blog

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve put together our Top 10 pieces of music, by a female artist, that we regularly play at our award ceremonies.

The power of good music at any event should never be underestimated. It can instil emotions in your audience and help to create a certain feeling in the room at specific moments throughout the night.

A ‘sting’ is that short burst of music you hear as winners arrive to stage to collect their award. Pre-event we edit the tune to be a continuous loop and load it into our playback system, so it’s seamless every time.

So here you go Pop Pickers!…..

Sia Unstoppable

Katy PerryFirework

Dua LipaHallucinate

Kygo & Whitney HoustonHigher Love

Taylor SwiftMe! (to be honest we could’ve have a Top Ten of Taylor’s tunes, but we think Me! Works the best)

LizzoAbout Damn Time

Jess Glyne Hold My Hand

Rita OraI Will Never Let You Down

Becky Hill, Ella Henderson, David GuettaCrazy What Love Can Do

Kelly ClarksonStronger

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again…. Don’t be afraid to try something new with your music selection! It’s all about creating a fun and memorable experience for your audience. Mixing some of these newer tracks above with ‘the classics’ from our last post will make you event a memory for years to come.

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  1. Manajemen
    21st May 2023

    In honor of International Women’s Day, could you kindly share your Top 10 pieces of music by female artists that you frequently include in your award ceremonies? We would love to explore the diverse range of songs and celebrate the talent and contributions of women in the music industry.


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